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FMT Capsules

Triple-encapsulated fecal transplant pills

Triple-encapsulated fecal transplant pills

We are one of the only clinics in the world offering fecal transplant capsules for resistant C diff infections.  At Bright Medicine Clinic, we have performed fecal transplants via retention enema since 2011. While retention enemas are a very useful tool, some people have difficulty retaining the enemas or have other objections to receiving the therapy rectally.

We worked hard to develop an encapsulation protocol that is safe and effective, following the pioneering work of Dr Thomas Louie. Using fecal material from one of our healthy, pre-screened donors, or the donor of your choice, we use a centrifuge to separate the bacteria from the fiber, proteins and bacterial waste products present in stool, and then triple-encapsulate the purified bacteria. Emerging clinical data indicates an excellent cure rate from a single administration of the capsules.

Located in Portland, Oregon, we are one of the only clinics in the United States providing FMT by orally administered pill.

The benefits of FMT capsules are
– convenience
– non-invasive treatment
– a 1-2 hour outpatient procedure without the risks of colonoscopy or anesthesia

We make all capsules custom for the patient. They are prepared immediately before they are given and you must come to our clinic to take them under medical supervision. We can make the capsules for you using the donor of your choosing or one of our healthy, pre-screened donors.