Bright Medicine Clinic

FMT Fee Schedule

Our standard fees for fecal transplants are listed below. These may vary based on your individual needs.

FMT Enema
 FMT Capsules
Initial Consultation$300$300
Preparation Fee$250/day$600/day
Medical Supervision$300/day$300/day
Donor Bank Fee*$800$800
Equipment Fee for Self-selected Donor$150$150

* The donor bank fee is a one-time fee. If you choose to use your own donor, the screening fee is waived, but you will be responsible for the testing fees associated with screening your own donor. These fees may vary by lab and/or insurance coverage.

Antibiotics or other medications, if needed, will be an additional expense.

At this time, we do not bill insurance directly for FMT fees. We will provide you with a superbill to submit to your insurer, however this treatment is classified as experimental by the FDA and is generally not well covered by insurance. Payment plans may be available, please call 503.928.7605
email for more information or to make arrangements.

We generally recommend a minimum of three to five enema infusions. A single round of capsules is generally effective for most patients. Occasionally a repeat treatment is required.