Bright Medicine Clinic

Pre-screened Donor Bank

donorbankBright Medicine Clinic is one of the few clinics in the country that both offers FMT and can provide you with a pre-screened donor bank. This allows you to avoid the inconvenience of recruiting and screening your own donor.

Our donor bank includes only donors who have been rigorously screened for any transmittable disease using the AGA Consensus guidance on donor screening and stool testing for FMT, which meet the FDA guidelines for blood and blood products donation.  In addition to extensive laboratory testing to rule out infectious disease, our donors undergo medical evaluation to exclude autoimmune, allergic, metabolic, mood, and other disorders that some research indicates may be connected to the human microbiome.  Our donors haven’t had antibiotics in at least six months (some for a lifetime!), and are individuals in excellent health. We can also have donors adhere to a special diet to accommodate your special needs.

If you choose to use your own donor, it should be someone well known to you, often a relative. Should you choose to use your own donor, our donor screening fee is waived, however you must provide proof that your donor has been screened for the appropriate transmissible illnesses. This can be coordinated with your primary care doctor, gastroenterologist or infectious disease specialist, or, if you need or prefer, we will assist you in obtaining the proper screening tests. If you have additional questions about choosing your own donor, please contact our clinic at 503.928.7605 or
email for more information.

We may be able to provide FMT treatments directly to your doctor, please call 503-908-4813 or for more information.