Bright Medicine Clinic

Remote Educational Consults

We understand that not everyone can come to see us in Portland to establish a doctor-patient relationship. Additionally, many people are seeking fecal transplants for conditions that we cannot currently treat under FDA guidelines. In the interest of harm reduction, we offer remote educational consults for those seeking guidance in performing FMT at home as safely and effectively as possible.

We are available via Skype or telephone in sessions of 30 minutes or 1 hour. To schedule an appointment, please call our clinic at 503.928.7605 orĀ email

These consultations are not intended to:
o diagnose or treat any disease or condition
o manage your health care
o provide medical services
o initiate a doctor-patient relationship

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible tools to have the safest and most effective FMT treatment at home. We will also communicate with your doctor(s) if that is desirable to you.

Additional questions that arise within 1 week of the consultation may be asked via email and will be responded to at no additional cost. Questions falling outside of the first week following the consult will be billed according to complexity of the question and time spent, generally $50 per email.

We require a signed copy of the remote consultation disclaimer form to be returned to our office prior to the consultation. You may fax it to 503-766-5979 or email it to